HospiceGuy BLOG

Random thoughts about your end of life Journey.

These are my thoughts and many experiences and I in no way intend for you to incorporate
MY thoughts and beliefs into your psyche.
I have a strong FAITH and I am very SPIRITUAL. I often refer to both  in my blogs and teachings.
IF God offends you then I strongly reccomend adding your own belief where I say God.

I hope you find some comfort through my Blogs.
My goal is to enlighten you to become a better caregiver.

I pray that any patient finds peace within knowing they are not alone with how they feel, whether physically, mentally or spritually.

There are a lot of sites dedicated to hospice.  

I hope you favorite my site and return again and share this site with anyone who may be on a JOURNEY.

Enjoy my SITE
In my hospice career I have been blessed in many way.

2011 I was voted Hospice caregiver of the Northeast out of 17,000 employees.

I wrote and published a hospice book about an end of life journey from the patients point of view.

I am in the process of writing a second, a handbook about hospice.

I also provided Music Therapy for hospice patients.
Lil' about John.
Welcome to my website.
I hope you find some comfort through my words and videos.

Hope you like my Blogs!

I am a hospice prfoessional of 17 years.

My life's goal is to make YOUR journey peaceful, loving and healing.